About HSBiS Enterprise Ltd

​​​​Our CEO Arild Andersen, is an experienced advisor, consultant, marketer and seller, in core businesses, included affiliate marketing concepts. We always seeking to could bring relevant service, consulting, tools, teaching, and understanding, to could serve people and businesses, and guide them to an better understanding, with workable tools and methodes, true advices, that will could make themselves able, to could do the right decisions, buy and use the optimal tools and products, which will could lead to true value-adding and results, with results like, increasing theirs turnovers and its related earnings. ​​

Service make it - Quality Matter - Gain your growth together with us !

And we are very proud of to could offer, all our new and excisting customers, a very good assortement, of good quality products,
to competetive prices, through our Webshop Discount2y Club, as well.

​​We like to inform you, that we are totally independent, and do not
giving any legal or economic advises related to Your Economic part of your business. 
We reccommending our customers, to always seeking that kind of information, through theirs own lawyer, public accountant and approved economic advisor, related to your own countries laws, 
regulations and business rules, related to specific matters and needs. 
Thank you for understanding.
Our business is about marketing, product sale, and ​our main focus is about - value adding, home- and business- services, and it all, to competitive prices.